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Let me introduce myself, I’m Emma Dredge the founder of PAL.

Emma Dredge
PAL came about when I decided enough was enough. I had hit rock bottom but refused to stay there and my battle with depression led me to Mindfulness.
Although Mindfulness seemed like the solution I became frustrated with the way Mindfulness was taught. I got that meditation and mindful living were key to living a happier more contented life but I felt exposed as a fraud because I wasn't looking for enlightenment and struggled to sit still for 10 minutes let alone 2 hours.
Once qualified in Mindfulness my mission became to demystify Mindfulness and scrap the 'rules' to allow more people to open up, give it a try and take from it what they can at that moment in their lives. And PAL was born.
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Emma Dredge


Motivational Speaker
Fun, motivation, thought provoking, inspiring.Hire me as your speaker for your event or meeting

Mindfulness & Mindset Workshops
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First Aid for Mental Health
Gain certification as a first aider for mental health. In-house and open events

1-2-1 Coaching Clinics
Support your teams with private in-house coaching sessions

Promote an ongoing mindful culture with weekly mindfulness and mindset reminders straight to your employees inbox.


Emma Dredge


Life Coaching
Get sorted then get awesome!

A new kind of me time

Weekly video reminders to keep you on the mindful track

PAL Facebook Group
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Motivational Speaker
Fun, motivation, thought provoking, inspiring. Hire me as your speaker for your event or meeting

Emma Dredge
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